Dentist showing patient a model of prosthetic teeth

Prosthetic treatments

For one reason or another some of us may have teeth missing this could be just one a few or all of them. For aesthetic and functional purposes it is important that we can have a replacement for the toothless areas. At Emstrey Dental Practice we can provide you with various options depending on your suitability which can include other tooth health, gum and bone levels, adaptability, cost and general preference.


Dentures are a widely used prosthetic procedure involving 4-6 visits to make the new teeth as accurate as possible. They are removable appliances and will need daily cleaning. They may be constructed out of acrylic or chrome. Chrome may be preferred as it helps retain the taste sensation due to the minimal coverage across the palate. Chrome dentures are also thinner than the acrylic type.


Bridges can be used when there are other teeth present either side of the gap, there are two types of bridges available, the first is one that has two wings either side of the replacement tooth which are attached to the two teeth either side with a strong dental adhesive. The other type involves removing the outer surfaces of one or two teeth either side as if preparing them for crowns, the finished product will slot over the prepared teeth with the false one attached.


Implants are a further option and can be the most dependable. They are long lasting and therefore cost effective in the long term. To read about this type of treatment please go to the page on implants.

For more information on dental implants, bridges and dentures, please call us on 01743 272632.