Preventive treatments

Preventive treatments

It is of paramount importance to prevent anything untoward happening to your teeth and gums. At Emstrey Dental Practice in Shrewsbury we want to help you to avoid the need for treatment and to maintain a happy and healthy mouth.

Fissure Sealants

When our teeth come through fully as we go through childhood and adolescence they are formed with grooves which can also be named as fissures. Food can accumulate in these fissures and if not removed straight away this may lead to decay. In some of us these fissures can be quite deep and therefore of more of a risk at harbouring debris. In these instances we can offer a treatment that involves painting a tooth coloured covering over the fissures to reduce the risk of decay. It is a simple and pain free treatment which can be invaluable in the long term.

Bite Guards

Bite guards are appliances which are normally constructed to go over the lower teeth as a clear covering that is placed at night to act as a shield. These types of appliances are used in cases where the patient is clenching or grinding their teeth at night which can result in tooth wear and trauma. They are used to protect the teeth from further damage and help alleviate headaches caused from these habits. We can construct these onsite so you can use them as soon as we’ve created them.

Gum Shields

Gum Shields are becoming more popular and necessary for use during various sporting activities. We strongly recommend that they are worn for any contact sports. They can be created in various colours and patterns to suit.

For more information about fissure sealants, bite guards or gum shields please contact our Shrewsbury practice on 01743 272632 or email