Patient cleaning teeth preparing for dental check up

Dental check ups

Dental check-ups are very important for everyone of every age. Visiting us regularly allows the dentist to keep a close eye on your teeth and gums to spot any problems early. This can help you avoid more extensive treatment and save you time and money.

At every examination your dentist will take the time to do thorough checks of the following:

  • The teeth for decay, wear, sensitivity and any concerns you may have
  • The gums for gum disease – this can lead to tooth loss if not identified and treated
  • Oral cancer examination – this condition is on the increase and early detection could save your life

Emstrey Dental Practice in Shrewsbury offers digital x-rays which are vital to establish the full dental requirements of each individual. They enable us to identify any concerns with your teeth. Cavities may not be detected by just a visual check inside the mouth but will show up on radiographic imaging. The condition of your gums can also be better assessed with x-rays as they shows the bone levels present which can often be affected when gum disease isn’t treated sufficiently.

During your check-up your dentist will be happy to offer advice for the improvement or maintenance of your oral health. If further treatment is required they will give you a full explanation of treatment options and costs.

As we all have different needs, the frequency of your visits may vary. If you have no or few fillings with good gum conditions, then your checks may only need to be every 9 months. If you have more restorations and increased levels of gum needs, then you may be seen every 6 months. For patients that are edentulous (no teeth present) it is still of vital importance that you come to see us for denture and oral cancer checks. We recommend that children have a check-up every 6 months so we can monitor and encourage them to keep healthy teeth and gums.

For more information and to book your next check up, please call us on 01743 272632.